Show Me Your Badezimmerschränkli on Hey Pretty

5:51 PM

Last month I wrote a guest blog post over at Hey Pretty. Hey Pretty is a Swiss beauty blog written by the super fun and amazing Steffi. Steffi is active on her blog since April 2013 and is one of my favorite Swiss bloggers. I always find her articles very informative and funny to read at the same time :D

Last May we met during a Dior masterclass (read about it on Hey Pretty or on my blog) and she kindly asked me if I would be interested in writing as a guest article for her "Show Me Your Badezimmerschränkli" (show me your skincare closet) serie and of course, I had to say YES! :D
I often get the question and request to show my skincare routine so this was also a great opportunity at the same time. And it was of course, a great honor for me to be feature on Hey Pretty, which is a blog I love and follow for so many years!
I leave you with the link to her blog and to my guest blog post. If you want to discover more about my skincare routine, click HERE. The article is in German, but you can use google translate if you need and it gets a pretty accurate translation :)
You can also check her "show me your skincare closet" serie, here.

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