Shiseido Waso Reset Cleanser Squad

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Shiseido has been revamping their makeup range lately but they also have many new interesting skincare products.
Today I have a set of cleansers in the Waso range that I wanted to talk about because I find them really interesting and worth it.

NAME: Shiseido Waso Reset Cleanser Squad / Limited Edition. This limited edition is still available but it has been out for a while so if you're interested, go for it.
CONTENT: 3 packs of 70mL (2.3 fl.oz) each.

 "A colorful cleanser trio to match your mood, rinse away accumulated impurities and refresh your skin and self from inside-out."
This travel size friendly pack contains 3 pouches of cleanser. These cleansers are foaming cleansers with a base of agar jelly. They help rinse away accumulated impurities and dissolve excess sebum from the pores. They're packed with Shiseido's Seaweed Moisturizing Complex that cleanses without stripping away essential moisture. I'm not a huge fan of these xyz complex claims because we never know what they really corresponds to but I have to agree here that these cleansers do cleanse without stripping away essential moisture from the skin!
Each variety contains a special plant extract that makes them even more fun and enjoyable :D
They haev a pH of about 6, which is slightly acidic and therefore will help balance your skin and won't disrupt your skin barrier.

Dampen your face and squeeze the desired amount of cleanser into your palm. Gently massage it over your face to form a lather, while avoiding the eye area. Rinse thoroughly with water. Use twice daily, morning and night.

They are gel-based foam cleansers. When squeezed out of the pouch, you get a yellow, red, or green gel. Once you add some water and rub your hands together, you get a light lather.
The 3 varieties have a light and delicate scents which is different for each pouch. The scents are rather fresh and not overpowering. They stay delicate and very appealing.
I like using them either in the morning to wash my face and start a day with a clean and fresh base or in the evening as my second cleanser if I've used makeup or as my only cleanser if I didn't use any foundation during the day.

Main ingredients:
  • Japanese Agar Jelly: Agar is known for its ability to rinse away accumulated impurities.
  • Seaweed Moisturizing Complex: Seaweed alginate is known to form a protective barrier and helps retain moisture. Its high mineral and nutrient content adjusts the water-oil balance in skin.

The base of the cleanser is the main for the 3 varieties but the fragrance is different and you also get a different botanical extract for each. The botanical extract is present in low amount and therefore you can expect the same effect from the 3 varieties. The main difference is the scent and how the scent will reflect on your mood.

"Wild Garden" variety (green): For concentration
Contains Okra, a pod vegetable, which is known to be incredibly nourishing and is filled with nutrients like vitamin A, C, B, protein, calcium and others. By the way, I LOVE Okra! It's hard to find in Switzerland but I've already found some at Globus :D They're delicious and love to use them in soups!
Ä Features a refreshing scent to help sharpen your focus

"Good Vibes" variety (yellow): For a boost
Contains Karin, a Japanese quince, which contains health promoting nutrients, vitamins and minerals. I didn't know this fruit and it has my name, no bad, right?
Ä Features an energizing scent for lifting your mood.

"Romantic Dream" variety (red): For relaxation
Contains Kiichigo, Japanese Raspberry, which is known to have skin tightening properties which help improve the apperance of wrinkles and improve color complexion.
Ä Features a sweet scent for calming your thoughts.

These are super convenient foam cleansers. Convenient? yes, because you can travel with them super easily. The packaging is slim and easy to pack in your vanity case. You can also close them hermetically and therefore they won't leak.
Other point I love about them: they're super gentle on the skin. They have a pH of about 6, which is slightly acidic and therefore will help balance your skin and won't disrupt your skin barrier.
I find them effective at cleansing the skin and leaving it fresh but they don't make it squeaky clean. If the skin feels squeaky clean, it means it has been stripped from its natural oil and that's not a good thing. In that sense, I find that these cleansers respect the skin and that's why I like them.
They also have this fun factor  because you get 3 different "varieties" with slightly different scents and with different colors that you can chose according to your mood, otherwise the base of the cleanser stays the same: gentle yet effective.
I'm liking more and more Shisiedo products, both makeup and skincare. I think they fit with what I like: simple, efficient, natural but with a chic and sophisticated factor. What do you thin of Shiseido?
Purchase info
Shiseido products can be found at Import Parfumerie Manor, Globus and Douglas in Switzerland. For international customers, see

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