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Nars holiday collection 2019 is such a stunning collection that I had to write a dedicate blog post about it. I've already shown you some visuals and pictures on IG but I still wanted to complete this with a more comprehensive blog post about it. We are in January 2020 but the collection is still available and it's on sales! So if you're interested in something, go and get it before it's gone! Because yes, this is a limited edition.

Nars holiday collection is a limited edition collection inspired by iconic nightclub Studio 54’s glam vibe! It includes 2 eyeshadow palettes, some glitter lipsticks (the disco dust), some audacious lipsticks, a face palette, and a lot of different sets including brushes, lip powermatte pigment lipsticks, etc.
"NARS gives beauty lovers exclusive access beyond the velvet ropes of Studio 54 with limited-edition pieces inspired by the famed nightclub’s sparkling scene. Shimmering finishes and unexpected formulas re featured in a collection of provocative lipsticks, scintillating eye and cheek palettes, explicit mascara, and mesmerizing must-have accessories. Partygoers will find endless possibilities for expression with iconic shades, seductive bolds and cult classics, all arriving just in time for the holidays. Disco. Decadence. Step inside the Studio 54 for NARS collection – once in, anything goes. Excess yourself."

As I said in my last reviews of Nars, I must say that this last year Nars collections were all pretty amazing, both packaging-wise and product-wise. And this collection doesn't disappoint!

Nars Inferno palette
This palette is a shimmer and glitter paradise! All the shades have good pigmentation and easy to work except the shadow called Shake Your Body (pale, golden beige with a sparkling sheen). This last shadow is rather stiff and I couldn't really pick any shadow from it (you can't really see it in swatches either). That's the only shadow from the palette that I had trouble working with.
The 2 most glittery shades (Turn the Beat Around and Wishing on a Star) can either work as toppers if you pick just a very small amount of glitters or work them at quasi-full opacity if you pack them on. My favorite way to wear them is to tap a small amount in the center of the lid. It adds sparkles without over doing it and works as well for every day looks (Am I the only one who likes wearing glitters in my everyday life to go to work?). This way, the glitters stick well to the lid and you don't have to use a glitter base.
Overall this is a pretty warm festive palette that can actually also work for everyday looks. If you like glitters and luminous eye looks, this palette is for you :D (unless you prefer cool-toned shadows).

Nars Disco Dust lipsticks
These lipsticks follow the glitter lipstick trend and I must say that I'm really excited to see them as part of Nars collection. By the way I think these lipsticks are not sold in the US, but they are in Europe, not sure in the other parts of the globe.

l-r: Andy, Pat, Bianca

The disco dust lispticks are metallic lipsticks with an ultra smooth finish. They reflect light in a beautiful way. I have truly the impression that they give a glass-like type of finish, you don't really see chuck of glitters on the lips and you don't feel any gritty feeling. They really look smooth and feel smooth on the lips. I really like how they look and they make the lips look fuller and healthy. I find them so much more wearable that what I thought they would be when I saw all these glitters.
There are 6 shades available and I got 3 of them, namely:
Bianca is a beige with gold shimmer, Andy a pomegranate with pink shimmer, and Pat a purple with multi shimmer.
You can check my swatches in this short IG video I made.

Purchase info
Nars is available at Manor/Sephora in Switzerland. For US/Canadian customers, you can shop through Nars website or
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