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Fenty beauty arrives with new products and oh boy, they are original, pretty interesting and ...really good!
These new products are eyeshadows, the Snap Shadows Mix & Match palettes. There are 8 different palettes, each containing 6 shadows. The fun fact is that youcan “snap” two palettes together creating your own mix of 12 shadows.
In terms of price, each palette is pretty accessible at a price of $25 / 33.50 CHF on manor.ch.


Here are the different palettes:
- 1/ true neutrals: this the perfect neutral, every day palette. You have a beige shade to set your eye primer, a beautiful medium brown for the transition, a darker brown to deepen the look and 3 gorgeous shimmery shades (a pinky gold, a coppery gold and a bronze). The shades are easy to work with and are not patchy. Quality is really good and the color harmony, perfect.
- 2/ cool neutrals: this is a great cool-toned palette. The dusty-mauvy-pink is perfect as a transition color, you also get a darker brown to deepen the look and some gorgeous shimmers including a deep purple. I personally really like the 2 rose gold shimmers as well as the taupe one. This is one of my favorite snap shadow palettes!

- 3/ deep neutrals: it contains 4 mattes, some ligher and darker ones including a gorgeous vibrant orange matte! There are also 2 shimmery shades.  I guess this palette will be a favorite of many people as this color scheme is always very popular. It is definitely a warm palette.
- 4/ rose: this is another favorite of mine (I love pink shadows!). You get 2 mattes, 2 shimmers and a glittery shade. Overall, the shadows are easy to work with and have a great quality.

- 5/ peach: this palette contains 3 mattes and 3 shimmers, one of which has a duochrome effect (the first color swatched). I really like the colors of this palette but I wish there was also a darker color in it to deepen the outer v, it could have replaced one of the 2 lighter mattes wich are a bit too similar. That said, as I really like the rest of the colors, I'm not too mad at it and still think it's a nice palette.
- 6/ smoky: it contains 3 mattes and 3 shimmery shades, all of them are quite deep (except the shimmery beige). I haven't used this palette yet as I don't usually go for too dark colors. So I can't really say anything about how they perform. By swatching them, they seem to be working really well.

- 7/ cadet: it contains 4 mattes, 2 shimmers and 1 duochrome. I really like the harmony of colors of this palette. It kind of reminds me of ABH subculture palette although the colors are still a bit different. The mustard and the kaki colors are stunning!
- 8/pastel frost: this palette contains only shimmery shades. I was a bit unsure how to use it but it actually works on its own as well. Doing a halo eye with the green and the yellow in the middle is a stunning combo! Of course, this palette works also great in combination with some other palettes containing more mattes.


Overall I really like the concept of these palettes! They're small, easy to carry around, not too expensive and the quality is there. I think they're also nicely suited for people who don't own lots of makeup or people who want to experience with different colors. They're a good starting point! Of course, they work as well awesomely if you're more an expert and just want different color combos. They forced me to try different color combinations I wouldn't have tried. So yes, I really like them!
Purchase info
Fenty beauty products are available directly on fenty beauty website or at Sephora/Manor in Switzerland.
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