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About one month ago I had the chance to attend an event held by Sephora for the launch of Givenchy Beauty in Switzerland! The event was great and we were lucky enough to try some of Givenchy's iconic products, namely their "Le Rouge" lipsticks and their loose powder. I had already heard a lot of good things about their lipsticks, being particularly comfortable for the lips, but I discovered that their loose powder is apparently one of the best powders on the market.

We also received some products to try, photograph and swatch. I will show you everything in this article. Some pictures of the event (some official photos ;) ) will be available at the end of this post. So let's go!

Le 9 de Givenchy Eyeshadow Palette
I will start with the eyeshadow palette because I was very impressed when I saw the range of palettes. They also have one with a gorgeous emerald green. The first thing I noticed is that they are all shimmery. So if you like shimmery eyeshadows, you will probably be interested!
I also have to mention that the palette comes with a brush's actually totally useable. To this end, I think these palettes are perfect travel comrades. You get 9 beautiful shades with a brush included that allows you to blend and smudge.

The eyeshadow palette is called "le 9.01". This palette is part of the new ‘Le 9 de Givenchy” eyeshadow palettes. 
The shadows are and feel super soft. They’re creamy butter! They do feel luxurious and are of very good quality. I like creamy and soft shadows, they are so much easier to use!
You have 3 mattes (luminous mattes), 4 metallics and 2 glittery shades. 

The mattes: 
- a soft peachy-pink. This color is light but is more pigmented than what I expected. It shows up nicely on the lid and looks great as a transition color. 
- a medium taupe. In the pan it looks more grey but on my skin it’s definitely a taupe (it looks much more brown, like a cool toned brown). Also in the pan it looks deeper. It has a soft and light pigmentation and that’s probably why it looks lighter on the skin.
- and a deep burgundy. Like the taupe, it looks deeper in the pan than on the skin. It’s also not very pigmented but looks soft and still work well to deepen a look. 
All in all, the mattes are easy to blend, not patchy at all and look soft and diffused on the lid. They’re not dry which again makes them easy to use. 

The metallics: 
The brown, taupe and orange all have a creamy texture and are super easy to blend. They look luminous and very nice. The very light pink/beige is so light that it doesn’t show up on my skin at all. I’m not a fan of this shadow...not sure how to use it. The orange one is on the contrary a shade I love. It looks particularly stunning applied along the lower lash line to give a pop of color!

The glittery shadows: 
These are super luminous and bright. The silver is absolutely gorgeous, it has tiny blue glitters. I really like this shade! The white looks also stunning. It’s perfect on the center of the lid to bring light or as an inner corner highlighter! 

Overall this is a beautiful everyday palette that is easy to use. The colors are not the most pigmented but they allow for a diffused and easy look. It’s a great texture for those who are not very skilled with makeup as you cannot go wrong. Although the pigmentation is not very strong, you can still do more defined looks. I also really like the color combination, I actually adore the color combination!
So if you like super pigmented palettes, this is not for you. If you like easy to use and luminous palettes, go for it! 

Le Rouge Lipstick
The lipsticks by Givenchy are available in different finishes. You have Le Rouge (luminous matte), le Rouge Deep Velvet (powdery matte), Le Rouge Night Noir (shimmery/glittery with a sheer finish), Le Rouge Interdit (satin), Le Rouge Interdit Vinyl (extreme shine), and Le Rouge Liquid (which is not a liquid lipstick but has a liquid blur-effect soft matte formula and is available in a stick format).
In addition to the traditional bullet lipsticks, you also have some glosses, lip inks and lip balms!

The 3 lipsticks I have tried feel creamy and extremely comfortable. The pay off of Le Rouge and Le Rouge Deep Velvet is incredible. The lipsticks feel rich and beautiful! I really like Le Rouge Deep Velvelt in the color  37 Rouge Grainé!

Volume Disturbia Mascara
In the Givenchy range there are 7 different mascaras available. Here I have the Volume Disurbia Mascara. It is a mascara that gives volume and curl. I must say that I haven't tried it yet...I still have other mascaras open and wanted to finish them before starting using a new one...I can update you later if you are interested in it!

Purchase info
Givenchy Beauty is available at Manor/Sephora in Switzerland. You can have a look at all their products on the official website of Givenchy Beauty.

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