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Disney collection is always a good idea, isn't it?
This year Catrice collaborated with Disney for a collection inspired by Daisy and Minnie. In the collection, you will find 2 eyeshadow palettes and 6 nail polishes. I think a set of brushes was also available. This is a limited edition collection that I bought just before the shutdown of the stores here in Switzerland (early/mid March 2020). I think the collection is still available in some stores (I still spotted it at Coop although it's in the section of products that cannot be sold at the moment…). So maybe after this lockdown, it will be quite easily available.

Anyway, I got 2 of the nail polishes (spoiler alert: one of them might well be the most beautiful polish I've seen in months and months!!) and the 2 eyeshadow palettes.

Let's start with the palettes and then with the nail polishes.

There is a Minnie and a Daisy pallette. The theme of the Minnie palette is red and brown/gold while the Daisy palette is more purple and cool-toned.
Each palette comes in a cardboard design packaging and they include a mirror. The shades are all individually named, with a mixture of finishes (mattes and shimmers).

The Minnie Signature Palette
The Minnie palette is a perfect everyday palette with pops of colors. You have indeed a beige, 4 brown mattes, 2 of which are more warm tones while the 2 other more cool to neutrals, the 4 shadows have different intensity, i.e. you have light, medium and darker colors.
You also have 3 champagne/gold shimmers and this bright red shimmery shadow!
All the shades perform really well. The mattes are super easy to work with, are very easy to blend, not patchy and they are nicely pigmented. I am super impressed! The shimmers are also very good. Finally the color combination is also great. Overall pretty impressed with it!

The Daisy Signature Palette
Just as the Minnie palette, this palette consists of 9 shadows. Here you will find 6 mattes and 3 shimmery shadows. The mattes are, as in the Minnie palette, pigmented, easy to blend and are just beautifully executed. On the other hand, I find the shimmery shades more difficult to work with. They're a bit dry and harder to pick with a brush, especially the shadow called "Dazzling" . The gold shimmer is OK, the bright purple works OK as well but is a bit on the sheer side, but "Dazzling" bearly shows up on the lid. This is sad as the color is stunning. I wish it was creamier and easier to pick.

THOUGHTS on the palettes

Both palettes are affordable and generally speaking, the qualty is good, particularly the mattes. 
The mattes are pigmented, easy to blend and work very well! They're totally worth it!!
The shimmery shadows of the Minnie palette works very well as well. They're not as creamy and shimmery as high shadows but are totally decent and easy to work with. The shimmery shades in the Daisy palettes are a bit too dry in my opinion, especially the shade "Dazzling", it's hard to pick up and apply. The purple shimmery shade is better but a bit sheer and the gold is OK.

Overall, I think they're really nice palettes, especially due to the formula of the mattes. If you come across the Minnie palette, I highly recommend it! For the Daisy pallette, keep in mind that the shimmers are less pigmented, but the overall palette is still nice and worth it in my opinion.

The Minnie Nail polish: C01 Fashionista
This is a pinkish beige shimmery polish. The shimmers are quite present. They are mainly gold but also coppper. The combination of the base and the shimmers makes a beautiful, super elgant polish.
In all honesty, this is one of the most gorgeous and classy polishes I've seen in months and months! What is also incredible is how easy it is to apply, it's not streaky or patchy at all and covers in 2 easy coats. I must admit when I saw these nail polishes, I hesitated to take any of them and then I say let's try 2 of them and now I am so happy I got this one! A totally beautiful surprise!
Pictures do not it justice. It looks more beautiful when you can actually see the shimmers play with the light.

The Daisy Nail polish: C04 Alter Ego
This a very light white beige with a pink base. There are some white gold shimmers. The combination looks also very elgant and posh. It's also not streaky or patchy. I used 2 coats.
Also here, the pictures don't do it any justice….!

Purchase info
Catrice can be purchased at Coop and Migros in Switzerland. 

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  1. Oh wow gorgeous palettes and love the polishes. So cute <3

    1. Thanks! I was really impressed by this whole collection! This is great as it's affordable :D

  2. I happy with their beautiful nail polish collection. Buy Nails Online In India


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