Pat McGrath - Divine Rose 1 and 2

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Pat McGrath has recently launched new additions to her Mothership palettes, namely the Divine Rose (original version aka Mothership VII) and the Divine Rose 2 (aka Mothership VIII).
When the Divine Rose launched last year I really wanted to get it but it was sold out quite quickly. Then with the launch of the Divine Rose 2, you could buy a set with the 2 palettes. I obviously didn't hesitate much and got the set :D

What I really like about Pat McGrath is the quality of her product. All the Mothership palettes (the big palette containing 10 shadows) have such a luxury packaging and shadows have the most perfect formulation. Additionally the colors are usually super original, especially in terms of finishes. In these big palettes, there are always 4 "special shades" which are ultra shimmery and/or have special effects. This formula is totally unique to Pat McGrath and I haven't seen anything like this in any other palettes.
I think if you like shimmery shades, you will definitely love her palettes. She creates the most beautiful shimmers or glittery shadows.
I also have the Midnight Sun (Mothership VI). I will have to show swatches as it's also a beautiful and unique palette.

Anyway, back to the Divine Rose collection!

Divine Rose (Mothership VII) is a neutral to cool tone palette with the addition of a few warmer shades (like VR Rose Venus for example). This is a very everyday friendly palette because  the colors are rather soft but are far away from being boring!
The mattes are pigmented, super easy to blend and feel creamy. They are very easy to use and can be blended to perfection effortlessly. This is always a good point when you need to get ready quickly as you can get a beautiful, sophisticated looking look in a few minutes.
What stands out to me concerning the metallic and shimmery shades is that they are full of light. They look multidimensional. They are actually the reason why I love Pat McGrath palettes so much.
In addition you also have a duochrome that shifts from pink to silver white (Iridescent Pink 003) and a second duochrome that shifts from peach to gold (VR Rose Venus).

Divine Rose 2 (Mothership VIII) is the brighter and more colorful version of the original Divine Rose. The textures and formulation are as perfect as in the original Divine Rose. In this palette you also get a very original shadow, namely VR Sextraterrestrial. This is a multichrome that shifts from green to gold to pink and purple. On my eyes when I look straight into the mirror, I see a lot of pink and gold and in the corners some green.


Shift of the shadow called VR Sextraterrestrial

Overall both palettes are beautiful, of amazing quality with gorgeous colors. Both palettes are quite different, one is more neutral and one bolder but sincerely I love both of them!
If you would like to try Pat McGrath palettes, I would totally recommend both of them! I think they are a really good introduction to the brand!

Purchase Info
Pat McGrath products can be purchased directly on the official Pat McGrath site. In some countries, it's alvailable at Sephora as well.

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