Natasha Denona Chromium Liquid Eyeshadow (multichrome)

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Multichrome eyeshadows are getting so popular at the moment. They used to be almost exclusive to some indie brands but now some more mainstream brands, such as Pat McGrath (see my review and swatches of the Divine Rose palettes here) or Natasha Denona are launching beautiful multichrome eyeshadows.

Today let's focus on the new Natasha Denona Chromium Liquid Eyeshadows. Five shades were launched last month and honestly I found them all so beautiful that I had to get the five of them...! And honestly I do not regret a single second because they are probably the most beautiful eyeshadows in my whole collection!

According to Natasha Denona they are: "The most SHOW-STOPPING and AWE-INSPIRING liquid eyeshadows! They provide a water-rich, jelly texture with a fresh hydrating feel, while leaving an unparalleled multi-chrome finish. The multi-dimensional color experience is given by the innovative silica-based pearlescent pigments with color travel properties, i.e. color-changing at different angles due to the light reflection."

Each shadow has three shifts, one main color and two additional that flows seamlessly into one another. In most of the shades I see however more than 3 colors, these are probably some intermediate colors. In that sense they are real multichrome shadows. What is also really cool is that you can see the different colors on the eyes very easily. The main color looks different in bright light vs in dimmed light, typically:

Dogbane: main color is red in bright light and a bronze-golden green in dimmed light, it has the darkest base color

Infra Nude: main color is a beige nude in bright light and a green in dimmed light

Dragon Fly: main color is a bright fuchsia in bright light and a  copper in dimmed light

Scarab: main color is a gold in bright light and a green to blue in dimmed light

Ultraviolet: main color is violet in bright light and a more nude-green in dimmed light.

You can either use them on your eyelid alone or with another "normal" eyeshadow in the crease; alternatively you can also use them as eyeliner. What I do the most is using a normal matte eyeshadow as transition and then one of the multichromes all over the lid and along the lower lashline. The overall look looks like you spent a long time blending different colors but in truth, this is done in 5min! They also sparkles and this gives them another additional dimension!


Another bonus is the formula. It's a creamy, opaque formula. Each shadow doesn't apply patchy but very smoothly. They don't crease or crack and once they have set, they stay put (see the video to see that even if you rub them, they don't transfer). 

Overall I am more than impressed by these Natasha Denona Chromium Liquid Eyeshadows and as I said at the begining of this blog post, they are probably the most beautiful shadows of my entire collection. Highly recommended!

Purchase Info
Nantasha Denona products can be purchased directly on the official Natasha Deonona website, on Cult Beauty, Beautylish or at Sephora.

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