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Hi everyone! Here I am again with some makeup products I've been enjoying lately. I actually got a Sephora package earlier this year (it was in Summer...!) and among the products I received there are a few that caught my eyes and that I have been using lately and really enjoying!

There are 3 palettes, one eyshadow palette, one face palette and one face+eyes palette. These are budget-friendly and of good quality. That's why I thought it would be good to give you my feedback and opinion on them plus to show you some swatches!

Let's start with the eye palette, namely the Sephora #Eyestories Palette called Caffeine, please!

First of all, I really like the coffee theme! Warm browns with a touch of latte or hazelnut is just a delight for an eyemakeup. It goes with everything and is always flattering. In this mini-sized palette you get 3 mattes and 3 shimmery shades. To be completely honest, the first time I swatched the mattes, they blew my mind. I expected them to be on the drier side and not so pigmented but I was all wrong. I didn't know that the Sephora brand had such amazing quality palette. I don't know if this is just this palette, but at least this one is perfection. The mattes are creamy, super pigmented and blend themselves. The shimmery shades are also creamy and they glide on the lid. I can highly recommand this palette. For the swatches, I used one swipe for the mattes, which is quite incredible! Same for the shimmers.

Next we have the Sephora Eyes + Face Palette in the color Bronze Spectrum.

I really like the packaging in this palette. It's quite compact but you've got everything you need for face and eyes. I also like how you open and close it with an elastic band. It makes it look like a book, I find it quite cute :D Inside you have 8 eyeshadows (4 mattes, 4 shimmery) and a blush, a bronzer as well as 2 highlighters. The eyeshadows also have a good quality, but the mattes are a bit less good than in the Coffee palette. They're less pigmented but that said, are still totally decent. The shimmers on the other side are really interesting. They bring a lot of light to the eye look and are very creamy. The color scheme is also perfect if you like nude and neutral tones. This not a warm nor a cool toned palette but really a neutral one. That's something I actually really enjoy. I am also quite impressed with the face powders. Usually in such palettes they never match my skin but here the blush, bronzer and lighter highligher are a perfect match! I'm a fair skin (think Mont Blanc in Nars foundation). This palette also exist in Rose Spectrum.

Finally, we have the Sephora Must-Have palette in the Glow version.

This palette is also very interesting because it contains 4 different textures of highlighter. You have a jelly-cream one, a shimmer, an iridescent with very fine glitters and a glitter bomb! I find it also weird that I had never heard of this palette because I find it really cool. I haven't seen many palettes (or any...) where you have a compact palette with 4 different highlighter finishes! Have you? Moreover, they are all wearable and I enjoy them a lot. I actually like the jelly highlighter in terms of texture, it works great if you have dry skin as it doesn't sit on dry patches or enhance them (hello winter!) however in this particular shade there is a little bit too many glitters in it. Overall the one I used the most is the satin-shimmery one; the texture is great and the color perfect (light champaign). I've used also quite often the glitter bomb on my eyes as eye topper and oh boy, this is gorgeous! It adds champagny-pinky-bronzey glitters to the eyes and catch the light beautifully! I absolutely adore it! Now that I think about it, I've never tried the glossy-jelly on the could actually make an amazing eye look! Oh wait, I've just tried it as I was writting this blog post and it's too sutble on the eyes, but the texture is not sticky or greay, so if you like a very subtle glossy sparkles on the eyes, this could do the trick. Overall, I find this is a fantastic highlighter palette and I am really surprised that I haven't heard many people talk about it. It needs to be known more! 

I've just seen on Sephora website that it can be used on the eyes, lips and face. They suggest the jelly-cream is good idea for lips. I've just applied it on my lips and it makes such a pretty finish, a glossy sparkly effect. It makes the lips look fuller and it is not sticky nor does it feel heavy. This palette is definitely very intersting!


So as you can understand I am pleasantly surprised with these 3 Sephora palettes. I find that they all work very well and have good quality. The texture of the shadows and powders is really good and easy to work with and the color combos just work perfect for me (fair neutral skin)! Have you tried any of these palettes or heard about them? Please let me know!

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