Some Holiday Palettes ft. Too Faced and Becca

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Holiday season is always a good time to try new makeup and products. Eyeshadow palettes are especially always lots of fun and I also love gift sets. By the way, I showed some holiday sets from Sephora in this blog post here.

Today I wanted to review 2 palettes, namely the newest Too Faced Pumpkin Spice palette and the face and eye palette from Becca in collaboration with Barbie Ferreira.  

Too Faced Pumpkin Spice

Too Faced iconic 18 pan shadows in a tin palette is introducing a new eyeshadow palette inspired by pumpkin. 

The palette includes 6 shimmer and 12 matte eyeshadows. I really enjoy the formula of the matte shades of this palette. They're quite pigmented and they blend well, and they're not patchy. Color payoff on the lid is really good as well, you don't have to spend much time to get a pretty look. I have the impression that the mattes are better than in the previous Too Faced tin-format palettes (think the original chocolate bar). I found the mattes in the Chocolate bar to be too dry. Here this is not the case. They're not as creamy as the Born This Way The Neutral Nude palettes (this one was exceptional by the way!), but they are on the very good side of the eyeshadow spectrum. The shimmery shades have a nice impact on the lid. I couldn't pick them with a brush but they work well when you apply them with your fingertips. That's why I usually do with shimmer so this does not bother me. I also like the high shine factor of the  shimmer shades and how much light they bright, they're not dull at all. 

Overall this is a very pretty palette. I am very happy I got it and will get plenty of use out of it. I actually really like the color combination with the orange and mustard colors pairing with warm browns and dustier mauves. If you like the color combination, I can gladly recommend it!

The palette is pumpkin-scented but this is not overwhelming. I have the impression this is more subtle than with the chocolate bars :D

These are brush-swatches.  Have you seen that dark purple? It's so hard to find non patchy purples and even more dark purples. I'm impressed! All the mattes are really smooth and easy to work with. Definitely a good formula!

Becca x Barbie Ferreira Prismatica Face Palette

This a face and eye palette of "bold and iridescent colors" curated together with Barbie Ferreira. I must say that I had not idea who she was. She is a model teenager who is praising body positive message.

This is supposed to be a full-face palette with shades that play with light and give a beautiful sheen on the eyes and face.

I was not so impressed by the palette but changed my mind when I started swatching it. The shades are more pigmented than what I expected and to that sense, you can use them on your eyes, they will not disappear. For my complexion (fair light skin), the colors are easier to use as eyeshadows, they look too much and a bit off on my fair cool tone skin. On the eyes, they do look really pretty but don't give a bold, statement look. They stay subtle. This is a palette for you if you like more iridescent and light reflecting looks rather than bold and colorful looks. You have to use an eyeprimer if you want to use them on your lids, otherwise they will not last very long. Overall you can definitely get a nice look but they're not really my cup of tea. The colors don't really work as a face palette for me and on the eyes, although they look quite pigmented when swatched, they lack pigmentation as eyeshadows and look a bit uneven. For me, as eyeshadows, the're too weak. I think there are better shimmery palettes out there. However if you have a deeper complexion, the shades should work nicely as highlighter or highlighting blushes though. I think the palette is more suited for blush/highlight than for eyeshadows.

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